1595-01 The Brain

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Only the Denoyer-Geppert collection of anatomical masterpieces consists of fifteen giant-scale charts, each lithographed in brilliant colors to maximize contrast and minimize confusion. Ingenious artistic techniques, not found on ordinary charts, are employed to augment understanding of complex body organs and systems. These techniques include “transparent” portrayals, greatly magnified inset “blow-ups”, schematic representations and three-dimensional views from a variety of perspectives and postures. Printed beside each is a detailed identification key. Ordinary anatomy charts suffer from several serious deficiencies which affect their usefulness. They are flat – mere two dimensional outlines, making it difficult to visualize the true relationships of anatomical structures in a three-dimensional human body. Coupled with this inherent flatness is the limitation imposed by attempting to portray a complex multifaceted body system within a single view of the body. Add to these inadequacies the lack of sufficient size for effective lecture presentations, and it is no wonder that ordinary flat charts just measure up to Denoyer-Geppert Giant Anatomy charts. Fully 44 x 72 inches (112 x 183 cm). This is a one of kind poster by Pauline M. Lariviere (1906-1988).

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