7500-40RR Zoology Poster Set of 4 – Raised Relief

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7500-40RR Zoology Poster Set of 4 – Raised Relief posters blow molded to raise the image off background, plastic with hanging hole at top

These biology posters have been designed to highlight the main points of basic cellular biology, zoology, and botany topics.
Approachable, bright illustrations invite students to explore the topics without being overwhelming to beginners.
Posters are perfect for reference in the biology lab, and they come in both a laminated version and a raised relief version.
18 x 23 inches


  • 7501-RR Animal Cell
  • 7503-RR Earth Worm
  • 7504-RR Fish
  • 7506-RR Frog

 note Рpicture includes Potists RR Рnot included


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